The Revolutionary System to Build Walls. 

Watch the video and find out in just 2 minutes how Monolyto works!

Monolyto is the easiest way to create walls of any type!
The Monolyto building system revolutionise walls building with its disposable plastic formwork, which is 100% recyclable that is easy to assemble to create wall volumes that are then filled with a large variety of materials based on the needs of the designer.

Wiring and plumbing can be passed through the structures easily, as can other other vertical structural elements, if needed. This is extremely simple because it is carried out before inserting the filler material.

Lastly, the perforated structure of the formwork makes it easy to apply render in the same nature as the material, or any other type of cladding.

All of these characteristics involve a notable saving of time and labour – essential aspects for the success of any building project.

Monolyto is a system patented in 74 countries, and it has been in use on various buildings throughout the world for over ten years.

Monolyto opens many prospects for technical engineers who can finally use new materials, the use of which – to date – was complex and limited to the creation of blocks in heavy materials, which require difficult, expensive management.

This is why Monolyto represents a genuine revolution for the industry.

How to Build a Wall with Monolyto

Step 1

Step 1
Preparing the blocks

Monolyto arrives on site flat; it bends easily and closes with the special clips

Step 2
Create the Wall

Lay the first row and then continue with the following rows, on to the required height.

Step 3

Step 3
Ducting System

Proceed to duct the wiring and plumbing systems.

Step 4

Step 4
Fill it on site

Cast the filling mix and skim any material that comes out of the holes to create the rough

See it in action!

Take a look at the gallery to see some pictures of Monolyto at work in various settings and scenarios 

6 reasons to build your walls with Monolyto


Build Anytype of interior and external walls

This is disposable formwork that – according to the needs of the designer can be filled with a vast range of mixes. The range of products has been created to make it possible to build any type of interior and external wall.


Save on Building Costs

The walls are cast on site without any joints: once hardened, the filling material becomes completely monolithic and anti seismic. What is more, the weight is lower and therefore, it has a lesser impact on the structure, making it possible to save on building costs.


No Heavy Machinery requirements

The flat form of Monolyto when delivered is safer for site use and requires no heavy machinery or movement of heavy loads. Even site management is simpler, given that Monolyto can be stored anywhere.  


Compliance to Thermal & Acoustic standards

Walls built in Monolyto have the same thermal and acoustic performance as required by legal standards; they regulate moisture levels and prevent the formation of mould. As a result, they create healthy, comfortable environments.


Save on Building Times

Wall assembly is easy, thanks to a clip system that reduces building times and as a result, costs


Help the reduction of plastic

It is made in 100% recycled plastic and contributes to significantly reducing the presence of this material on the planet, since it recycles 2,500 kilos of plastic per 80 sq m of wall. In case of demolition, it can be recycled again.

Why Monolyto is better than “masonry”

Why monolyto is better than masonry

No chases are needed

because wiring and plumbing can be passed through the Monolyto formwork before it is filled

A 10 sq m wall can be built in just 2 hours

unlike the at least 7 hours needed for a wall the same size built in masonry

No heavy machinery

is needed to move the formwork inside or outside the site

No outer coating

is needed

No specialist labour

is needed

Monolyto Full Products Lists

The range of Monolyto products has been made to create any type of wall with extreme simplicity and excellent results.
All products are available in three thicknesses: 7,5 cm, 12,5 cm, 25 cm

Which filling mixes can be used?

Performance of houses built using Monolyto


In spite of the fact that Monolyto is disposable formwork, which remains incorporated into the structure and which, as such, does not need any certification to be used, we have carried out several tests in conjunction with the main guidelines for the industry: Certimac (ENEA and CNR) and Istituto Giordano.

“We take care of our planet.

One of our main wishes is to help improve the current conditions of our planet because we believe that change is still possible.

That’s why our mission in Monolyto is to make buildings around the world more sustainable and ecological.”

We firmly believe that industrial growth today must absolutely go through sustainable development.

Monolyto created a construction system in a space that did not exist before.

Monolyto has designed and developed its formwork in a perspective that allows an important contribution in terms of circular economy.

Monolyto is in fact made with 100% recycled plastic.

The Monolyto construction system is the tangible demonstration that the concept of sustainability is not just something abstract but that instead can be translated into a concrete solution.

Thinking about a cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient world is possible.

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